Cell White


The result of the latest breakthroughs in skin-lightening technology, the Cell white line wields a whole array of beauty actions, in particular with the innovative LUX-Factor (Lightening Ultimate X-Factor), which targets dark spots by limiting melanin production to inhibit hyper-pigmentation.  Its effect is enhanced by vitamin C, known for its capacity to reduce melanin synthesis, as well as the gentle exfoliating power of a duo of AHAs (extracted from lemon and grapefruit). In parallel, the remarkable CMAge© Complex helps prevent the signs of cutaneous aging with its triple action on cellular oxygenation, hydration and protection.  This line of lightening, unifying and anti-aging skincare products delivers excellent results.  Specifically targeted by the active ingredients, dark spots are visibly reduced.  The complexion looks fairer and more even, with a translucent glow.

Proven Results

Skin-brightening effect: 86%*

Reduced cutaneous pigmentation: 71%*

Better hydrated, more comfortable skin: 95%**

Softer skin: 85%**

*Clinical test on 21 Asian women using the active ingredients dosed at the same percentages as in the formulas White C Serum, Absolute White Day Cream and Absolute White Night Cream for 56 days. Measurements by ITA.
**Self-evaluation tests on 20 women using White C Serum, Absolute White Day Cream and Absolute White Night Cream for 28 days. Percentage of positive responses.

Cell White Radiance Cleansing Milk

This smooth milk gently cleanses skin eliminating all traces of makeup and everyday impurities. Its brightening action leaves the complexion looking clearer and more even, with a soft, fresh, comfortable feel. Cleanses and gently eliminates daily impurities and any trace of makeup. Illuminates the skin, leaving it clear and fresh.

Cell White Radiance Softening Lotion

The ideal preparation for the subsequent brightening formulas, this lotion helps prevent dark spots. A mallow extract soothes skin while arnica wields a toning action. The face takes on a smooth, radiant finish. Thoroughly cleansed and hydrated, the skin looks resplendently fresh and luminous. Tones the skin and restores a glowing complexion.

Anti-Spot White Corrector

Applied to specific problem areas, this innovative concentrate effectively conceals pigmentation spots deep-down while helping preventing further formation. Its comfortable high-coverage texture contains light reflecting pigments to hide dark spots in an instant. With regular application, LUX-Factor wields its full effectiveness by visibly reducing the size and intensity of existing spots.

Absolute White Mask

This creamy mask delivers immediate comfort while lightening the complexion in an instant with its light-reflecting pigments. Day after day, it visibly reduces pigmentation irregularities, offering the complexion the incomparable effectiveness of the LUX-Factor technology for an even and radiant look. Thoroughly nourished, oxygenated, and protected, the skin takes on a brilliant, lustrous glow.

Absolute White Day Cream

This light yet ultra-effective cream targets unsightly dark spots and irregularities to brighten the complexion in an instant. The LUX-Factor technology leaves the complexion looking fair and even, with a radiant veil that restores the natural clarity of the face. Thoroughly hydrated, protected and oxygenated by our core anti-aging CMAge Complex, the skin glows with youthful beauty.

Absolute White Night Cream

Taking action overnight to nourish and brighten the skin, this smooth cream is a powerful radiance reviver that repairs the damage caused by external stress factors. LUX-Factor helps tone down dark spots, while sweet almond oil and shea butter provide suppleness and comfort, and the CMAge Complex reduces cutaneous aging. In the morning, the skin feels softer and radiates with a bright, youthful look.

White C Serum

This innovative serum combats hyper-pigmentation and cutaneous aging with a synergistic blend of active ingredients. While the LUX-Factor and Vitamin C exert their targeted action on dark spots, the CMAge Complex and Vitamin B5 boost metabolism for a brilliantly clear and even complexion. Reduces pigmentation spots and helps prevent the reappearance of new ones. Smoothes and refines the skin’s texture and boosts radiance.