Advance Vital

As La Collines’s first created collection, Advanced Vital unleashes a fresh infusion of anti-aging energy at the heart of the cells, combining its revitalizing action with a new dimension: firmness.

Working in synergy with the remarkable CMAge (copy right symbol place here) Complex, its innovative HDS (High Density Skin) System contains soy proteins that stimulate the proliferation and activity of the fibroblasts, bolstering the ability of the dermis to support skin’s firmness, density and elasticity.  Rose and mallow extracts provide coddling comfort and suppleness.

Invigorated by the revitalizing active ingredients, the skin looks fuller and firmer, undeniably more youthful. And the results on the facial contours are a revelation.

Proven Results

Greater elasticity: up to +124%*

Firmer skin: up to +54%**

Increase in thickness of the epidermis: +23%***

Well-nourished, smooth and comfortable skin: +90%****

*Clinical test on 21 women aged 40 to 55, after twice-daily application of Cellular Vital Serum and Cellular Vital Cream for 28 days, results measured by Cutometer.
** Clinical test on 21 women aged 40 to 55, after twice-daily application of Cellular Vital Serum and Cellular Vital Cream for 28 days, results measured by Reviscometer.
***Clinical test conducted on skin explains after application of Cellular Night Elixir for 8 days.
****Self-evaluation test conducted on 33 women after twice-daily application of Cellular Night Elixir for 28 days. Percentage responses.

Cellular Vital Hand Cream

La Colline extends its anti-aging expertise and offers all the innovation of the Advanced Vital line to an incredible product dedicated to a delicate and essential body part: the hands. The Cellular Vital Hand Cream links technical anti-aging properties, by combining three key La Colline technologies to clarify, firm and reduce spots on the skin, while protecting hands from external aggression. with undeniable censorial pleasure.

Cellular Vital Mask

This radiance-enhancing and firming face mask stimulates cellular oxygenation and hydration for increased beauty of the skin. Soothed and repaired, the skin feels wonderfully soft, with a youthful elasticity. This rich, pampering mask restores tone and replenishes even the most fatigued skin. The face is re-energized and looks perfectly smooth, plump and radiant.

Cellular Vital Cream

The Cellular Vital Cream boosts the cells’ vital activities, improves elasticity, firms the facial contours and restores the skin’s youthful tone. Its delicate creamy texture renders the skin a matte finish for a comfortable velvety feel. Revitalized, the face looks fuller and firmer, with a youthful look

Cellular Vital Extra-Rich Cream

The ideal solution for skin in need of firmness and comfort after exposure to stress, this cream reactivates cellular metabolism and instantly soothes the tight, pulling sensations. Its firming and anti-aging ingredients reshape the facial contours while reducing the visible signs of aging. Its nourishing oils leave the skin soft and comfortable.

Cellular Vital Serum

This serum exerts an immediate “mini-facelift” effect to smooth away all signs of fatigue, leaving the skin feeling and looking supple and elastic. It stimulates the production of new macromolecules, reactivates cellular respiration and regenerates the support tissues to firm the skin while restoring its radiance. The serum’s remarkable texture is immediately absorbed. The features are smoothed and the skin is thoroughly protected and oxygenated with its vital energy replenished.

Double Power Cellular Night Elixir

This bi-phase regenerating essence offers devitalized, lipid-depleted skin a dual action: the comfort of its precious oils compounded by the power of its revitalizing and soothing ingredients. Ceramides and a duo of precious oils repair and regenerate the cutaneous tissues, while a botanical extract soothes the irritations of the day.