Moisture Boost


For tired, moisture-starved skin, Moisture Boost++ line offers a solution mobilizing the cells in a process that reactivates their natural hydration.  The “secret weapon”: the Eco-Hydration Factor, is an original complex that instantly and lastingly quenches the cells’ thirst while providing a permanent moisture reserve. Brimming with newfound radiance, the skin emanates well-being.

Another technological tour de force, the Fragmented Hyaluronic Acids Technology, optimizes the effectiveness of Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment, a unique and intelligent response to the needs of dehydrated skin.

Proven Results

Hyaluronic acid production: +128%*

Hydration: +125% after 1h**

Suppler, thoroughly hydrated skin: 95%***

*In vitro test using the active ingredients dosed at the same percentages as in the formula of Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment.
**Clinical test by corneometry on 10 volunteers after application of Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment.
***Self-evaluation test on 20 women after twice-daily application of Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment before their usual skincare cream. Percentage of positive responses.

Swiss Alps Cellular Mist

This enveloping mist imparts a delightful sensation of freshness and well-being, moisturizing and comforting skin in an instant. A complex of trace elements delivers just the right dose of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and silicon to boost the complexion’s glow.

Lightly mist over the entire face for an immediate and lasting sensation of freshness. Can also be used to set makeup and refresh your look throughout the day.

Cellular Dynamic Hydration Mask

Rich in moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing active ingredients, this smooth, ultra-fresh mask acts immediately upon application to soothe irritated, dehydrated and dull skin. Its intensive formula reactivates hydration while relieving sensations of discomfort. The mask restores the skin’s natural plumpness, leaving it fuller, with a lustrous and even complexion.

Cellular Rich Hydration Cream

This luscious cream delivers nourishing and hydrating active ingredients to quench the thirst of the most moisture-starved skin. With a deliciously rich texture, its intensive formula imparts an instant sensation of comfort and hydration. Refreshed and re-plumped, the skin is deeply moisturized. Ideal for use in the winter, under extreme climatic conditions (wind, sunlight, etc.) or when the skin is subjected to sudden, severe climatic variations. This exceptional cream is a veritable wellspring of hydrating power.

Cellular Perfect Hydration Serum

Enriched with ant-oxidizing Vitamin E and blackcurrant oil for instant comfort, this serum restores the skin’s natural hydration process and enhances the effectiveness of the subsequent care products. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, while the skin recovers its soft, supple feel and glows with a newfound radiance.

Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment

The Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment is a powerful 28-day rehydrating cure designed for dry and severely dehydrated skin. In less than one month, the skin is infused with moisture and suppleness. The highly innovative Eco-Hydration Factor technology in this formula trains the cells to restore their natural moisture cycle.