The provincial government has planned to gradually reopen healthcare offices, which includes our Ultimate Natural Beauty & Skin Care clinic. We are precise at work preparing for this reopening to ensure the safety for our clients and staff. We are excited to officialy announce that we will be reopening on MAY 25tht, 2020.

To ensure our clients safety, we will maintain our COVID-19 safety procedures including high levels of disinfection of all areas including doors, counters and sitting areas.

In addition we will monitor spacing between clients and staff in the clinic to make sure everyone is using face masks, gloves and gowns at all time particularly our practitioners during every procedure.

Sanitization of all machines, equipments and other applicable products in all treatments are mandatory.


To prepare for your next appointment , we sincerely request the following from our clients:

All our visitors  to be pre-screened to ensure they are well and symptom-free prior to entry.

Wear a clean face mask to your appointment.

Only those with appointments or registered will be admitted.

Anticipate lesser appointment availability as extra time is required to maintain social distancing.

Use hand sanitizer upon entering the clinic.

Please stay at least 6 feet away if there is someone at the front desk ahead of you.

Kindly leave your outerwear and other belongings in your vehicle when possible.


We are comitted to practice with care and precise measurements because we love, we care and we want to help.